Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Today started with a croaky voice which meant no school and therefore tears, so a deal was done to stay in bed with a Princess breakfast on a proper breakfast tray listening to a story tape.

As you can see by mid-morning spirits were much higher with daddy assisting in the making of a princess tiara for the big not-to-be-missed school trip tomorrow.

I attempted to do some work for my course. Tonight we had a lecture from Paul Sermon, on art, virtual reality and interactive installations, really good.

At last my assistant has linked the original didyoumakeityourself - see top right-hand corner - I seem to have not blogged for about a year and therefore not documented the stuff that I made in that time which is a real pain because blogging does make me record what goes on in our lives. I may get around to taking more photos but for the time being here is The Estonian Lace Shawl. I went up to Woolfest on my own and had a fabulous couple of days, stayed in a posh hotel with great food and met loads of people at said hotel that I would not have met had I not been on my own. I did a day school with Nancy Bush, bought some cashmere and cranked this beauty out, it is constantly about my person.

I knit a pair of socks for my brother's birthday but he didn't turn up at the alloted time, as usual, so my assistant got the socks, don't mess with the hand knits.

This is how you try get a good sock photo but the arm chair will of-course flip back!

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