Thursday, 22 October 2009

As Good As The Beverly Hills Hotel

Whenever we are on holiday I have Eggs Benedict and the Beverly Hills Hotel was the first place that I had them, they have never ever been beaten. As he knows that this is probably my most favourite meal my assistant has mastered the art of the perfect poached egg. Hollandaise has always been a problem, shop bought is never just right and so I have eventually turned to Delia, don't know why I never tried before but it is fabulous and with the egg whites added it won't split, can be re-heated and frozen. What more could I ask for.

This is a Cauliflower, although I wouldn't have known had by veg box not told me so, how amazing is mother nature?

Having a nine year old book worm in the house I always look at the childrens book section in the charity shops and am particularly drawn to the older more interesting books. Emile and the Detectives was on Radio 4 at the weekend, we haven't listened yet, and Louis does have a smaller version of this that he has already read so I couldn't pass this one by for 99p. As soon as a child can read the illustrations disappear which isn't really fair, we love the Artemis Fowl graphic novel and Bones so having any sort of illustrations is a real treat let alone ones as inviting as these.

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