Saturday, 17 October 2009

Back to the Knitting

This is my Florida knitting, started in haste for the long holiday flight at the end of August, I motored on with the body and then the contrast knit-on border until I got to a corner. Having altered the number of repeats I now have to do some intense math to get around the corner, keep the pattern and keep the left and right corners even, not a relaxing evening task, and so...

I set off on a pair of socks for some mindless knitting using some multi-coloured from a yarn swap and some vintage charity shop sock wool. How good it is to knit the simple sock.

I love half an hour flicking through my very old pattern books, The Book of "Hows" was published very early 20th century - three pence - it has a green velum cover which overlaps the pages of the book by about a quarter of an inch, the pages are stitched in with red thread. It features such gems as child's gaiters, sleeves or armlets, knee caps and a fabulous golf jacket. The golf jacket indicates that it wasn't aimed at the ordinary working class housewife.

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