Monday, 9 November 2009

Bottom Drawing

A full set of clothes for Dolly and things for the dolls house.

I love to get a tin of old buttons carefully salvaged from garments over many years, I am always intrigued by the other bits and pieces, bra fastens, random bits of metal with fabric still attached and so many belt buckles which I thought I would never have the need for. However when I needed a little black belt it took about two minutes to make this with a bit of black velvet ribbon, I am chuffed with my re-cycling self.

A bit more bottom drawing, beautifully done but with a full strand of silk, this always makes me wonder was this embroiderer inexperienced, never put right, or making a statement with bold thread to go with the bright and bold design?

More hand painted sandwich plates for our collection, £2 for 6!

Popped in to the local garden centre and look what we found, Christmas is on it's way.

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