Monday, 21 December 2009

Mrs Gaugain's Spider Pattern

At last, Mrs Gaugain's Spider Pattern Large Rectangle from Victorian Lace Today.

Geen merino/silk Mayfly Cobweb Lace in colourway Grass from KraftyKoala, the grey is also a merino/silk - label lost for the moment - both bought from Woolfest this year to satisfy my lace addiction. Worn for the first time today, don't think I have ever taken so much time over a project of any kind. The mathematics stumped me for a while, I made it wider than the pattern and I didn't have enough grey to work all of the repeats which wasn't a problem until I came to do the edging which needed not only to turn the corner with a point but also have a symetrical sides. After a short stay in the bottom of my knitting basket - the shawl not me - a clear head and a lot of pattern mapping sorted it out, it's not perfect but then what is!

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