Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year

In 2009 I took up the guitar, tap dancing, joined the WI and started a masters degree, I wonder what 2010 will bring?

The first day of the new year has been spent sorting, organizing and
tidying in the studio, I can put it off no longer, I must get down to some work.

I had an Audible subscription for christmas and am listening to 'The Pattern in the Carpet', by Margaret Drabble, brilliant and so many weird coincidences i.e. my favourite blue iron on embroidery transfers. Popular in the earlier part of the twentieth century they are available today but not in such a perfect form, the originals that Drabble discusses have heavy, almost embossed, piped blue lines of ink on ultra-delicate tissue, I have some that are eighty years old and still going strong.

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