Thursday, 4 February 2010

Hot Cross Buns

Another bread product I have been meaning to make forever, a bit of a faf but well worth it, the paste for the crosses was a bit too wet, will do better next time...

went down well with the tasting team.

Geraldine where are you? Unbelievably difficult to finger pick, remember the words and sing all at the same time, helped in my endevour by Louis who can keep time and remember the words.

Big teapigs order arrived, my big assistant is developing his pallet with the odd silver tip of an evening.

I am a devotee of the Chamomile, with actual flowers in the pouch not just dust.

Hitting the books and doing some big thinking.

If only I had a new pair of sandals.

I do however have a new cowl, Chunky Baby Misti Alpaca purchased in New York about this time last year, so well overdue for the knitting.

Will the pears ever stop coming in the veg box? Up to our necks in pear tart but surviving.

My assistant was just about out of Granola, Leon recipe - extras this time are flaked almond and coconut - the usual suspects are oats, bran, wheatgerm, sunflower seeds, honey, sultanas, dates, apricots and roasted hazelnuts.

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