Friday, 26 March 2010

Hidden Histories

I got down to some serious work this week before my assistant and I took a trip to London.

I loved the massive mixer in Fortnum's window more than the quilt exhibition that we went down to see at the V&A, the textiles were not as domestic as had been implied.

All was not lost as we managed to squeeze in lunch at the Berkley and Marcus Wareing's famous custard tart did not disapoint.

When we are in Paris the children love to go to Laduree for their famous macaroons, I have umpteen cut out recipes from magazines for these little treats and finally got around to making them at the weekend - my hand was forced when we needed cake but were out of eggs apart from a couple of egg white's stashed in the freezer. We will be having a go at more bright and exotic varieties but started off with a simple chocolate filled with a chocolate ganache, my smallest assistant thought they looked like turds on the baking sheet but had no trouble in wolfing down the finished articles. They were unbelievably easy.

After a discussion at the WI I needed to make some pasties, these are organic mutton from the veg box delivery with whatever root veg was at hand, thrown into the slow cooker for about seven hours, needles to say divine. I think the pastry was the best I have ever made thanks to a tip from Raymond - I think - about rolling out between two sheets of baking parchment, no need for extra flour, easy to handle and get really thin, also works with icing.

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