Monday, 29 March 2010

What is Design anyway?

Is design more important than art because we have to live with it and use it everyday?

I have been cracking on with the reading and found a really good book in the library, 'Scandinavian Design Beyond The Myth', it points out that the term Scandinavian was in fact a marketing/trading strategy aimed at the USA and Britain in the 1950's, these countries were grouped together under one banner in order to make design from them more desirable and the Nordic countries quickly took up the label.

I picked up this remnant at a fair and it just made me think of Scandinavian design, although it probably isn't, the simplicity, colour and repetition make me think this.

Jennifer Opie of the V&A, in the book, describes the qualities of Scandinavian design, "a fundamental group including craftsmanship, quality, humanity and restraint combined with a sympathetic respect for the natural materials and concern for their 'proper' use by the designer and consumer".

A pink cashmere Ishbel has whizzed off the needles, began on the flight to Copenhagen it has beads on a couple of the edge rows and was gratefully received, as always.

Owl spotting in London.

Chocolate hunting, London.

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