Sunday, 6 June 2010

Was it worth the effort?

Apparently my approximately 200 ends should have been weaved in and not left loose? Knit on 2.5mm needles with some very old almost laceweight shetland yarn to my own design it was a 'good attempt'.

My hat came second and my papercut inspired PLASTIC bookmark was thought not strong enough for the purpose, even though it would still be intact if I drove over it.

I must try harder...

Miss Belle in jingle jangle making mode.

Prayer does work, our vegetarian Spinach and Mushroom quiche came first, miraculously, here are my tasters praying that this is the last quiche they will have to analyse and it was. I nearly didn't enter the actual show quiche because the tray had buckled, ring had lifted and contents poured over the side resulting in a poor and distorted effort, my reasoning was that if we didn't enter we could at least eat it, fortunately I have a wise nine year old who talked me in to it.

Louis' Scarecrow came 2nd to one that was sitting on a table, Betsy's modern take was not appreciated...

However our confidence has not been knocked and we valiantly soldier on, next on our hit list to master is a Custard Tart and after plaiting Betsy's hair all week I turned on the bread...

...even my biggest assistant has been busy working on a marinade for his World Cup BBQ, I will of course be far too busy in London at the V&A Quilt Symposium.

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