Monday, 20 September 2010

Back to it!

Shetland seems like a long time ago.

The autumn term is in full swing, all labels are sewn in, and so to keep myself busy - apart from housework - I gave a talk to my WI...

and continued with my back-to-school project of a quilt made up from embroidered linen tablecloths.

A frost means visitors, but William Duke of Normandy has been on patrol, I discovered the head when I slid across the kitchen floor!

We at last tracked down the perfect Brioche moulds when in London, the dough takes an hour at room temperature, 14-24 hours in the fridge, 2-3 hours to rise again, about 7 minutes in the oven and they are gone in no time.

Even managed to stuff in a square of chocolate, though you can't tell from looking.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Have you met Peat?

I am fascinated by Peat?

For years women had the back-breaking task of walking to collect peat in a Kishie, at the same time knitting to make ends meet.

The sliced landscape is amazing.

Cutting peat is a precision job.

It is left to dry out for about 6 weeks.

Shetland has layer upon layer of peat scars.

Thursday, 16 September 2010


In The Loop 2 was a four day Knitting Conference in Shetland, and so...

Shetland was our summer holiday destination, and what a holiday.

The 12 hour ferry ride was fun, we learned to play Patience and roll out of a bunk.

In Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Lerwick we spotted turrets but not a single princess.

We didn't fly, would have been over the weight limit with knitwear.

Didn't see a Viking but lots of Seals and Whales...

and sheep!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

End of the School Holiday

The holiday has flown by, must remember not to book so much in next year, toward the end of August we jammed...

I discovered paint pens.

Watched 'Coco', fabulous knitwear and costume throughout, this is Chanel's ragdoll in the opening scene, on a cart to the orphanage, must make one.

We saw the Mickey Mouse CamperVan Tour at the Bullring, had a go in the Camper but didn't bother with the queue...

Fortunately Miss Belle has been to Disneyland a couple of times already and so we didn't need the photo with a man in a character suit. Couldn't understand why there were parents with tiny babies and no other children waiting hours in line for a photo, assuming the mum wanted the photo and not the baby!

Walking back through Birmingham we passed a round building that we had never seen open before or paid much attention to, so we went in and looked round the War Memorial.