Sunday, 12 September 2010

End of the School Holiday

The holiday has flown by, must remember not to book so much in next year, toward the end of August we jammed...

I discovered paint pens.

Watched 'Coco', fabulous knitwear and costume throughout, this is Chanel's ragdoll in the opening scene, on a cart to the orphanage, must make one.

We saw the Mickey Mouse CamperVan Tour at the Bullring, had a go in the Camper but didn't bother with the queue...

Fortunately Miss Belle has been to Disneyland a couple of times already and so we didn't need the photo with a man in a character suit. Couldn't understand why there were parents with tiny babies and no other children waiting hours in line for a photo, assuming the mum wanted the photo and not the baby!

Walking back through Birmingham we passed a round building that we had never seen open before or paid much attention to, so we went in and looked round the War Memorial.

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