Monday, 22 November 2010

Username malfunction!

This may be the best book that I have ever owned, we have never eaten so well.

The masters is coming along slowly, I keep returning to Richard Sennett's idea of 10,000 hours to be an expert, need to put a few more in on the guitar!

This is my Bottom Drawer quilt, and it is finally a real quilt, it's so big that I couldn't handle the weight through my machine which is why I am quilting by hand. It will take many more hours than a machine but it means that I have the time to appreciate the hours of workmanship put in by all the women who created the separate tablecloths that went in to it, where are they now? I did manage to sneak some of my own work in so I think I know where I am.

The charity shopping continues, these are a few cushions I made from old tablecloths.

I have always wanted a proper wooden yarn swift but they are very expensive, I spotted this one at a market a while back needing some TLC, with a bit of tape and a paint brush for a peg it's as good as new.