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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Half Term Making

While the girl sleeps in the boy has been making pancakes, he ate most of them with chocolate and banana.

How many re-cycled scraps can you get in one bag? 2 Needlepoint cushions, 3 suede skirts, 1 suede jacket, 1 dress bottom, 1 trouser turn-up, 1 shirt cuff, 1 embroidered table mat, 1 scarf, 1 belt.

Will this make the perfect go-kart seat?

Monday, 24 May 2010

Where has half a term gone?

The go-kart is still in it's early stages and only one injury so far.

Mr Make-Do-and-Mend decided we needed a BBQ yesterday, the gas one doesn't give the proper aroma, so he knocked this up from an old fire grate, a baking tray and a piece of broken fire-guard, we have a plentiful supply of wood and the sausages were perfect.

Is this a Cherry cake good enough for a WI competition? Not yet.

Is the vegetarian Quiche any better? Well the pastry is perfect but the filling still needs a little bit of tweeking, we have been eating a lot of quiche. For the W.I. a quiche must be baked all-in-one, no blind baking allowed.

My assistants have bee busy, the bookworm is making bread and the pistol is cracking eggs for fairy cakes.

A watched pot does boil, especially when you're waiting for the jam to reach the right temperature.

My big assistant had a speaking gig in London so we went to see Chris Ofili at the Tate, first thing on a Monday morning we had it completely to ourselves.

We also managed to see Ron Arad at the Barbican, loads of time spent trying out the furniture and on the ping-pong table.

Grid spotters were still on the look-out.

Fortnum's window, again.

We also managed to squeeze in a trip to the gold encrusted emporium of Laduree with the most miserable shop assistants in London.