Monday, 24 January 2011

Christmas Holiday - Big Catch Up!

This is the view from our hotel in Munich over the roof of the railway terminal. One complete side of our two storey room was a window, brilliant until we lifted the blinds one morning to see workmen trying to clear snow off the roof. After a detour to Brussels, Munich was plain sailing, the only after affect of the cancelled flights across europe was that our little hire car turned into a eight seater bus, it was top speck though with tinted windows!

After a few days shopping and eating in Munich we set off for the InterContinental in Berchtesgaden, our favourite Christmas retreat.

We did a spot of light sledging, snowballing and walking, Betsy was light enough to be able to walk across the top of the snow whereas us bigger ones were knee deep.

Christmas Day lunch was a bowl of chips by the fireside, no rushing around the shops or slaving over a hot stove, can't understand why it's never featured in Good Housekeeping Top Tips for a hassle free christmas and the like. In fact I am very proud of myself for resisting all magazines that offered the perfect glossy christmas last year, must keep it up.

By Boxing Day we were a little more adventurous with the sledges and so decided on a little 5km run from the top of the mountain down into to town with a cable car ride back up, what could be more pleasant?

What fools we were, it was a fair old hike to get on the run...

...once on it it was bloody dangerous, here are Andrew and Louis about to cross a proper functioning road, that has cars on it. Note the locals on the picture have crash hats and goggles, the ice spray was relentless.

Here they are again coming in for a pit stop before dropping, literally, under a bridge for the final run. The boys lost control of their sledge and indeed lost their sledge once or twice but I am pleased to say the girls stayed in control all the way, apart from hurtling down backwards at one point. If you ever find yourself on this track, keep your feet down all the way and hurl yourself into the snow mounds every couple of hundred yards or so, it worked for us. Had we any idea of the speeds we would reach and the danger we would probably not have gone, but the disclaimer we signed was in German and we have we have never had as much fun in our lives, roll on next year.

We spent the rest of the time recovering by the fire, the flue for which is the massive tube going up the middle of this photo, the fire just blazes away in the middle of the room, being waited on with constant food and drink all helps of course.

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