Tuesday, 25 January 2011

London Weekend

As it was exeat weekend we sneaked off to London for a bit of a pig-out, Odette on Saturday and Corrigans on Sunday. Corrigans excellent as always although I would advise going on a weekday to enjoy it at its best.

Whilst in London for the weekend we stayed near to Millbank Estate and were fascinated by the buildings and the washing lines, reminding me of back to backs with washing in the entry.

The Fourth Plinth looked really good when we popped in to The National Gallery for the Bridget Riley exhibition.

New season fabrics were in at Liberty and I managed a few metres, including some darling Lauren Child.

Bridget Riley, Arrest 3, 1965.

'Threads of Feeling' at the Foundling Museum was good and sad at the same time, an exhibition of the patches of battered fabric left as tokens to identify deposited children when they were later collected. Only 152 children were reclaimed out of the 16,282 admitted between 1741 and 1760. Most poignant was the yellow ribbon tied across a child with a note attached asking to please leave this on the child - plenty of growing room - so as to ease identification later!

Purchased a few items from Rokit, you can't go wrong with a full length fitted wool coat for £20.

By chance I heard about 'Woody Sez' on Radio 4 earlier in the week and we got excellent seats for Saturday night at the Arts Theatre. Never been to a show before that had a pre-show and a Hootenany afterwards, music was brilliant, craftsmanship of the players reflected their practice, and so... more practice.

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