Monday, 31 January 2011

The Sad Tale of Princess Angora

Princess Angora was dreamed up one Christmas for a little girl who adored dolls. Her creator - who might have been the little girls mother - had a million and one tasks to complete before the Christmas holiday and so took all the supplies that she would need away with her in a little red case. In Munich she queued in a packed shop the size of a postage stamp for the perfect 100% wool felt, nothing less would be fit for a princess. She toiled for hours to come up with a pattern for the doll that would fit just so in the royal carrying case

Night after night, after the little girl had gone to sleep and in poorly lit hotel rooms, the creator/mother worked on the tiny mattresses made from Liberty Tana Lawn and filled with only the finest wool batting.

She begged some green wool off a bemused but kind German felter for the pea that only a princess would feel. The pillow was made from vintage linen embroidered by some similar creator/mother decades earlier. The dress was a pig to do without the usual tools of her studio but the creator/mother persisted.

The creator/mother had recently been given a tiny ball of angora yarn known to knitters down the ages as 'Fuzzy Wuzzy', it was the stuff of legend, the creator/mother had gazed in awe at sixty year old black and white patterns for this most glorious fibre in the world, but had never imagined that she would see any in her lifetime. But the creator/mother loved her little daughter so much that she gladly sacrificed her previously thought to be extinct 'Fuzzy Wuzzy' and nearly went blind stitching in every individual hair. The creator/mother thought that the little girl would love this beautifully hand crafted version of the Princess and the Pea Fairytale....

Alas the creator/mother had not bargained for Father Christmas popping in to Sainsbury's for a £4.99 Hello Kitty who would triumph over the fair Princess Angora in the little girls affections!

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