Thursday, 24 March 2011


New Delhi Railway Station, 5am.

First Class

Meals on wheels, I also had cornflakes with hot milk amongst other things.

Fanciest grid yet, for Louis and Betsy.

These Mughals loved their arches.

A pink balaclava, in this heat?

Burial procession, apparently this was someone who had lived past 90, extra shiny and noisy.

A portable bathtub for a queen - portable by elephants.

Baby Taj, when you've seen one Mughal tomb you've seen them all - I saw 5.

These urchins asked for money, chocolate and soap, in that order.

Tundla station, I wouldn't be surprised if you could smell the washroom!

The three hour wait wasn't so bad, apart from the stench, I had knitting, my favourite biscuits and South Riding on the ipod. Of course everyone wanted to know about the knitting.

The station was full of birds, what a racket.

Tundla station 8pm, the only woman on the platform, they were staring hard so I thought I'd take a photo.

Bed for the night.

My view, lots of snoring.

Varanasi 6.30am, they still use hooks to handle the bales of goods - like the old dockers of about 50 years ago.

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