Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Another Fantastic Day in India

The fort palace of Amber was the Kachhawaha citadel until 1727, when their capital moved to Jaipur.

This was their previous home.

I was forced!

In the winter thick curtains would be hung so that these outside areas could be used.


A garden built in the lake to grow Saffron, but it was not suited to the climate.

Tiny decorations around the apartments of the queens, I think they must mostly go unseen.

The King had 12 wives each from a different region, they all had apartments around this courtyard, each separate and self contained, each with their own kitchen, so the King could choose between 12 regional cuisines every day. A secret passage around the apartments meant that the King could visit whichever wife he chose without being seen by the others.

Anokhi Museum, this man has been carving the teak printing blocks for 35 years, but he tells me that youngsters do not want to do the work, so after his generation it will end. The museum has excellent displays, films to watch for hours and so much information. The building itself was derelict and rebuilt by craftsmen as it would have been originally.
Jal Mahal, water palace.

Bagru, don't think I been anywhere hotter, natural dyes.

They must be natural because this indigo dyer would not have lived to be his age working with chemical dyes so closely. The vat of indigo has apparently been topped up for the last 200 years.

The print shop, a very light and airy workspace, a good example of a workplace, I am sure there are many worse.

We rounded off the day with a bit of....


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