Saturday, 19 March 2011

India by Bus!

I should have returned to Delhi from Jaipur on Saturday but on the day I arrived there I got an email saying get out by Friday it's not safe. It is the weekend of the Holi festival, the one where people throw paint, which I knew, I didn't know that it wouldn't be safe for me to be out on my own and certainly not to travel. I tried to book a train ticket for Friday but there was some planned works on the line, it looked doubtful but I eventually got one for the 5 o'clock train, however the JAT protestors knew I was in town and closed the line. Fortunately Nand, my guide had come to take me to the train station at 4am Friday morning so we went over to the bus station and after much waiting around I got the last seat on the bus, it was actually the very last seat.

It was apparently a VIP seat, which I think just means they can charge more for the extra leg room. The seats were very comfy and the foot rest came out, also a TV in front of every seat. A miserable Indian girl sat next to me and the first thing she did was to open a packet of crisps which shot all over the bus.

Buggles can always lighten the mood.

The only other European on a mad Jaipur bus station at 5am was a girl called Ellie from Birmingham, bizarre.

We walked around the streets of Delhi just taking it all in.



Electricity cables hanging down all over the place.

A building site.

Some beautiful buildings amongst all the decay and squalor.

An elephant just ambling past,

and again!

Lots of buildings where the fronts had just disappeared.

Washing hanging everywhere.

Managed to purchase some Silver Needle for someone special.

Can't believe the variety of animals we saw.

Did a bit of business with these guys over some Chai.

The only thing I ate all day was a quick room service.

Went to a mall outside of the centre of Delhi, it could have been in Florida,\I had no idea there were places like this over here. Went to the cinema to see Black Swan, couldn't look at the screen for half of the time, I had no idea it was a psychological thriller, I just thought it would have some good costumes. The seats were ultra padded and comfy and lie right back, there is an interval in the film about half way and a man comes round to take your order from your seat.

Under house arrest today so had a swim, manicure and Chakra massage - head, shoulder and neck - and fell asleep on the table.

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