Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tuk Tuk v Metro

I had a full on argument with a Tuk Tuk driver and I won! When I eventually got to my destination, the State Emporium Complex it was a bit disappointing and a bit too hard sell. There were lots of arty/crafty posters, the above was my favourite, for all you spinners out there.

For the reast of the day I used the Metro.

The front carriage is women only.

It was more-or-less empty at the stations.

Women wait in the special pink area.

It was straightforward to use, no eating, no drinking, no spitting.

Deserted for most of the day, it got a bit busier at rush hour but nothing like the London Underground.

I understand why Indians walk in the road, the pavements are either dug up or just full of rubble and crap.

Another empty station.

At last I arrived at the Central Cottage Industries Emporium, the best place in town to browse without being hassled, know exactly what you are getting and pay a fair price. This place has the best quality products I have seen in Delhi. Obviously I shopped till I dropped.

At every counter you buy at you are given a ticket, when you have finished shopping you go to a booth and pay, then over to dispatch to collect your goods, everything stamped in triplicate.

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