Monday, 14 March 2011

What A Day

A lot of photos for the small people at home...

Delhi Station 6am

6.30am 3rd Class

7am First Class

Cornflakes with hot milk!


Houses got very gradually better as we got further from Delhi.

A cow grazing.

Poor in the countryside must be better than poor in the city.

Jaipur, no-one wears a helmet in Delhi, 500R fine in Jaipur. Women in sari's on the back of mopeds everywhere.

Wasn't keen on my original hotel, bit hairy getting from its backstreet to a tuk tuk to say the least. My plan was to go to the best hotel where I could get internet and book another. So ended up at Rambagh Palace - GOOGLE IT - £400 a night, asked for recommendation of somewhere half the price and it turns our a corner of their acreage is a conference centre, £40.

I can use the Rambagh, but it is smarter than I had anticipated when packing, fortunately I had the power pumps and a smart pair of Aquascutum trousers - from the Katherine House £1 shop.

So I strolled along my own private path to the palace for tea.

And back home again.

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