Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Getting around to...

When hours and hours have gone in to a project why do the finishing touches always prove to be such a stumbling block?  I was umming and erring about gauge when I knit the first Tam last winter but dived in knowing that I could shrink it later, which I did.  The nearly finished Tam was knit on a size smaller needle with different colours and it doesn't need shrinking just a lot of ends sewing in.

I have wanted to do some crystalised rose petals for ages and so with the last of the Mme de Pompadour  an egg white - seem to have a freezer full - and caster sugar we got to work.  A couple of hours later they were stiff and in a jar waiting for the cakes that will show them off.  Wierd, perfumed and completely decadent the perfect nibble for a fairy tale princess or an aspirational 5 year old gal!

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