Thursday, 15 March 2012

Champagne and Chips

I have never been a drinker...

I literally never touch a drop, so much so that lots of people also think I am a veggie because of this?  At Christmas we had a bottle of the Old Widow as we like to call it - Veuve Clicquot,  Madame dropped the wool trade to concentrate on the champagne, I might have gone the other way.  Since then we have had a bottle of bubbly every weekend, the Vintage Moet last weekend was good but I think the widow still gets my vote.

 It is equally out of character for me to excercise, I got these while we were on holiday and I have been out running, mostly on my own, sometimes with a demon trainer on a pink and purple Raleigh Sunshine.

I am fully chipped up with this little gizmo in my trainer that talks to my iphone and the Nike world.  I even have a power song!

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