Sunday, 14 April 2013

Thank You Gladys Wherever You Are

When people know what you are into they give you stuff and it's always gratefully accepted but last week we had a real treat.  Gladys was a friend of Mary who is a WI friend of ours.  Gladys died recently and Mary sent us a bag of Gladys' stitching stuff.  There were tape measures and beautiful buttons on cards from a long time ago and a pristine pair of Singer Scissors in there original case.  We didn't know you Gladys but thank you, we shall treasure them as you did, we have written your name on their case and we will think of you every time we use them.  Which will be a lot!

We baked Hello Kitty Friands and Custard Creams for my Continental Knitting Class, the Custard Creams didn't hang around for the photo shoot.

Bakewell tart for tea last night.

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