Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Shugborough Hall

On Sunday we went to a "Craft & Fine Food Fair", I think those terms are over used.  My rule of thumb is if something has to say quality or fine then it probably isn't the best, fresh is another one of these words, i.e freshly made, but what else would it be?  We had a pleasant half hour watching Sophie Grigson demo whist we were grazed on Baklava, excellent nuts and some cider that was similar to what I imagine you would have got by sucking your average pub carpet in about 1976 - I don't think you get that damp, beer sodden stench anymore.  We joined the National Trust, which we had been talking about for ages, and went around Shugborough Hall.  There was lots of really old stuff but we liked the proper seventies style, loved the brown and white print wallpaper.

Charity shopping, little hand made pot £3.50...

tiny hand painted cups and saucer oddments £2.50, was thinking of putting flowers in them.

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