Sunday, 12 May 2013

Textile Loveliness

Last weekend we had lunch in Birmingham and then popped over to see Lauren from Great British Sewing Bee in her new shop.  It was busy and full of lovely stuff, we managed some dress fabric - on the table - , embroidery transfers and a bit of ric-rac.  The star struck Miss Belle was thrilled to have her photo taken with Lauren,  I have never known her so shy.

Betsy's first quilt is all sandwiched up and basted, she is busy machine quilting it.

A couple of weekends ago we went over to a local quilt show, nothing very exciting, much circa. 1985.
Betsy was treated to some cute fabrics by our friend Gail, they are now safely tucked up in her stash suitcase.

 I also had a treat, Japanese Quilting, the tiniest patches and stitches, absolutely divine.

I managed to find some suitably delicate prints and I have made a start, it could take a while.

A couple of days before our quilt trip we were offered the last minute opportunity of going to stay in Wales for the weekend of WonderWool as someone had dropped out due to illness.  Our trip out with our friend to the quilt show was a firm booking in our diary so Betsy and I decided to brave the ever winding roads of Wales on Saturday night, with a tin of Custard Creams and Sat Nav, how could we fail.

We arrived at Lane Cottage at about 10pm on Saturday night and managed to pack a lot in before we had to leave on Monday morning.

We loved WonderWool and managed to do a little bit of shopping including Angora Yarn, Alpaca Pom Poms, a gorgeous Welsh blank and something I have been after for a while, a Niddy Noddy.

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