Saturday, 29 June 2013


We finished our trip to London with a bite to eat at Hakkasan.  We like the food and the decor.  The toilets are really cool with a wall of doors and Aesop toiletries.  You have to pay attention when selecting toilet gender, it's dark and the ladies is first and not obvious.  I know a gentleman who did in fact use the ladies and was none the wiser.

Dim Sum all round, my favourite is the scallop and caviar.

The best Sesame Prawn Toast.

Jivara Bomb, a bit like a massive Ferrero Rocher but with ice cream in the middle, hot chocolate sauce poured over and popping candy in a trail around the plate. 

Did I mention that at breakfast we saw Ruth Rogers - so we knew it was going to be good - and Marc Almond.  All in all a fabulous day that will long be remembered.

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