Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Make-Do-And-Mend Pure Pleasure.

The wooden desk in our studio has been upgraded to a glass one - from the hospice shop of course - so out came my trusty little Jigsaw, it owes me nothing.

We have a tiny kitchen and have just tweeked it as we have gone along, we have had a couple darling fifties yellow tables - hospice shop - but I have been hanging out for a bit of wood.

Now we are sorted, who would have thought that a broken up £20 desk could bring so much pleasure, much arranging and re-arranging has been going on.

Our 50p Swan has been turned into a napkin holder and the spare - hospice shop again - chairs have been unearthed from the garage.  I covered them in Betsy oilcloth when Liberty did a short run of it, wish I had bought more.  The downside is that I think I have pulled a muscle in my shoulder from lifting it in and out and taking it outside and back in to tweek a bit more, it is a bit heavy, the adrenalin has worn off now!

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