Monday, 29 July 2013

Japanese Uber Cool or Prisoner Cell Block H

Dress D from 'Stylish Dress Book' Yoshiko Tsukiori, box dress with boat neck.  I made this from a remnant I got from a charity shop for a couple of quid, when I got it home it had the tag on from Habitat, some sort of silk - can't remember - something like £25 a metre.  When I opened it up it had a few splashes of emulsion paint as if it had been used as a cover.  It is a loose weave with a slub, definitely some sort of silk, it feels gorgeous.  I left the selvedge of the hem in its natural state and found a bit of previously cut silk bias binding in my box of tricks.

The dress is a big slightly a-line shift and it looked fab on the tiny Japanese model but I thought it was a bit more Prisoner Cell Block H on me.

I wore it belt-less today and I absolutely love it.  The glare is from my pasty legs.

When I put the belt on,  my very honest 12 year old camera man said straight away, "take it off you look massive".  I'm making another one already, dead simple to make and I would recommend this book and its 26 patterns.

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