Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Let McVities Bake For Me, I Don't Think So.

I was  having a sort out and ebaying a few things when this made me LOL.

Todays healthy offering of oats, bran, good old butter, whatever coconut was left in the jar and only 24g(2tbsp) of sugar.  The recipe calls for 175g and I have been slowly reducing it, 50g the previous time with ground almonds instead of coconut.  I think that done with coconut they could easily manage without sugar, obviously the coconut must have some sugar?

This glamorous young lady and a few of her dress pattern friends are waiting over on ebay if you are interested, also lots of vintage baby knits and a few sophisticated little girls dresses.

This is the Hello Kitty, gusseted - for extra room - ripstop tote that I am going to make a few of.  I hadn't worked with ripstop fabric before but it's fab, reinforced nylon yet drapey, because it's plasticy on the inside you don't have to worry about fraying edges. 

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