Monday, 5 August 2013

Paper Piecing Anyone?

Sunday afternoon was spent with my protractor a ruler and a very sharp pencil, prepping for Saturday's class - places still available.

This technique comes from a time when patchwork really was done out of necessity to use up every last scrap of fabric and not even from a bit of something left over from making a dress but from a well worn shirt maybe, collars and cuffs turned, cut down a couple of times already and this might be the end of the road.  In the proper spirit patchwork these pieces are from the last scraps of table cloths the bigger part already used for something else, the red is from the edging of a beautiful red linen cloth that I have now exhausted, the prints leftover fabric from dressmaking for Betsy and the mauve from a much loved Noa Noa dress that did us excellent service - hem dropped and then later added on to with lace. 
I like to be authentic in my work.

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