Tuesday, 13 August 2013

School Dinners

We have been prepping for lunch boxes  - and eating a bit!  Master Louis has been knocking up banana muffins, from his favourite Nigella recipe for banana bread.  He dropped the sugar from 150g down to 50g and they were still very sweet, obviously from the very ripe bananas so next time he is going to completely omit it and see.  They were very good, half a dozen made it to the freezer. 

As the only award winning quiche maker in the house is did the mini quiche for lunch boxes.  I used a few leftovers, beetroot stalks and leaves from Sundays farmers market - the actual beets were slow roasted with Sundays lamb and enjoyed yesterday with goats cheese.  The surprising leftover ingredient was clotted cream, this recipe calls for 300ml double cream which I went out and purchased but I pondered over the half tub of clotted left over from Saturdays scones?  I thought it couldn't hurt so I chucked it in as well, resulting in the creamiest quiche on the planet.  I later though that I probably could have managed without the double cream and just made up the clotted to volume with milk,  we can never get through a tub.  A pack of Maynards treacle cured bacon went in along with our own eggs, how could it not be good.  I polished off the half quiche after tonights WI where we had a Chair Bodger, Peter Wood who was excellent.

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