Friday, 27 September 2013


I'm no expert but I have been trying it a little..

got to find something clever to do with the empties I have been hoarding, they can no longer live on the kitchen shelf!

I only started drinking last year and thought I would just start at the top and stay there,  
Piper Heidsieck is my absolute favourite.  I heard a radio interview last year with someone who had just taken them over and wanted to raise the price so they would be seen as a more luxury brand. 

Richard Hannay thought you couldn't beat a dry Heidseick and I'm with him on that - 'Green Mantle', John Buchanan's sequel to 'The 39 Steps'.

These weirdly shaped beauties were at the back of a shelf in the Co-op,  £12 each, fantastic.

I had to hunt down the Ayala after having it every night with dinner when I was in Winchester for 'In The Loop 3',  you can only find it in a few independent wine shops.  Wierdly my friend with the brain tumour worked for this family when she was aupairing in France many moons ago, I didn't discover this until she was surveying my hoard, she has never before come across anyon who has heard of the label.  This is not actually that weird for her, one day we were listening to Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star, my boost track on my running app and she announced that she used to date one of the band members.

Some expensive pinks, up to £70...

and some cheaper ones in the clear bottles from about £13 and quite frankly I'd go with the cheaper ones although I imagine being in a clear bottle is frowned on in Champagne circles much as with olive oil.

The Bolly was nice but not outstanding for the price tag. 

LP about £65 for the Rose in it's own plush casket, this is what we always see in restaurants but I think it's overated.

Moet the Rowan of the Champagne world, ask Mrs Average the name of a good yarn and she'll say Rowan, it's what you go for until you know better,  well known label but actually just average in my opinion.

Can't go wrong with the Widow, put a woman in charge.

We spent a lot of time n Tanners in Shrewsbury.

These didn't make an impression.

These next four, Antoine de Clevency, Etienne Dumont, Henry Dumanois and Aubert et Fils

can often be found on offer at any of the big supermarkets from about £13 to £16

if you see them grab them, they are all very good, 

but probably not on offer know until Christmas.

Lastly, absolute shit, if you see it, run!

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