Monday, 25 November 2013

What A Week

Wednesday was a 12 hour stint at Baden Hall, I came close to losing the will to live.  When I got home at 10pm that night I arranged a day out with my friend with a terminal brain tumour for some light relief!

After a swift stop at the doctors for a Shingles diagnosis we whizzed around the charity shops in Newport and then on to Oswestry and Textile Express - well worth the trip.  We stumbled upon a little gem of a tea shop, had brunch and then went back for lunch it was so good.

Saturday was a lovely day at The Ancient High House, met some lovely people, was very well looked after and sold plenty.

The Sunday was over to Sandon Hall where my youngest assistant had the best spot in the house, the library window…

 three radiators…

and what a view…

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Back On Duty

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Reindeer at Dudmaston

We are at Dudmaston for the Christmas Fair this weekend.
I have been trying out some Reindeer.
The floral is more or less as I would like it.

The brown wool was prototype no. 2.

The white wool was my starting point but the gusset defeated me and I couldn't wrestle with the antlers.
Sometimes you have to walk away.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Another Busy Weekend

On Saturday Miss Belle and I were at the Contemporary Craft Carnival in Stafford.
Next weekend the cadet and I are at the National Trust's, Dudmaston for their Chrismas Fair.
20th November, Baden Hall.
23d November, Ancient High House.
24th November Sandon Hall.
30th November Big Stafford Christmas Fayre.
7th December Rodehall Farmer's Market Pop-up.
8th December Lichfield Christmas Market.

My baby!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Another Day Another Assistant

We had a lovely time at the Alsager Civic, good cake, good company and excellent live music all day.  Miss Belle earned her keep and her commission.
The fabulous soft wool dress came from an Oxfam shop in Cornwall, it's superbly handmade and with a last-minute drop of the hem, a perfect fit.

Ready to roll.
We had a very enjoyable day and met some lovely people.
We'll be off to the Posthouse in Stafford next week for some more trading.

Apart from the cashmere bunnies I made last week I also made some fur and velvet muffs, child size and adult, mega wool lined.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Rodehall Farmers Market

He worked hard this morning at Rodehall Farmers Market, wet and windy but definitely worth the effort.  I made some super-cute cashmere bunnies with fluffy sheepskin tails and Liberty ears, I'm an idiot and didn't get any pictures, we sold out!

The rain came down but I carried on with my knitting, haven't picked any up in weeks, glad to get back to two needles instead of one.