Tuesday, 10 December 2013

End of Trading

We had a fantastic day at Rode Hall Farmers Market on Saturday Morning, our best days trading and it was only until one o'clock!

Obviously we were getting a little too confident and had a dire day at the Lichfield Christmas Market on Sunday.  I did manage to do a fair bit of shopping though from a few local makers and dealers, a lovely setting and a great event, will definitely be visiting next year.  The last bit of stock has hit ebay and we are done for the year, now for a bit of making for my people.

What LOL was made for, in my local "wool" shop.

Yesterday was my young embroiderers and we did some fast fun makes.
There were more than these but the others had flown off.

These were made by brother and sister twins, I took in some fabric from my young Cadet's newly adjusted monkey sleeve coat especially for the boys who wanted tough peg dolls.
Love them!

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