Monday, 19 May 2014

Lazy Sunday?

Some if us lazed in the sun,

and some of us worked,

all being well I will be at Weston Park

on Bank Holiday Monday.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Happiness is...

a denim dishcloth?

Many years ago a knit my Cadet a jumper from denim yarn, I think it was called the Museum sweater from the Little Badger book - worst written pattern I have ever used - when worked out the problems it was a favourite sweater and is still in Miss Belle's wardrobe.  I had some yarn left over so made her the Blu jeans from Knitty - one of the best thing I ever made, they still fitted well even when they got to just below the knee because they were knit.  Anyway I still had some yarn left and knit her a bib from Mason Dixon Knitting, I would say that this/these are my all time best knit for a baby without a doubt.  They are soft and get softer with age, absorbent and more absorbent with age, just tie at the back so stress free and they don't show stains!

The above bib retrained as a dishcloth when she became the sophisticate that she now is - just cut off the ties - and has given excellent service for eight years but has now give up the ghost.
  Enter the young pretenders, I knit one on a car journey at the weekend and the other 
at my W.I. meeting, they are brilliant.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Wooly Creatures

Due to Wonderwool and a few bank holidays we only have two embroidery sessions at school this half term.  I'd spotted some fab wrapped sheep on pinterest so we had a go and made cows,  a bulldog, a zebra,  a cart horse and a lion - in to wooly brooches

Spotted this massive wool shop sign in Cheltenham at the weekend, 
I looked in the window but wasn't tempted.  
Budget and wool don't go together,  I expect the yarn ball should actually read, budget acrylic!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Asparagus & Bacon

Not much making going on this week, a lot of business to attend to but did manage to cast on the Cumulus and knock out a killer quiche - I am award wining after all.  Aaparagus, bacon and serrano ham - basically what was in the fridge - cheese and mustard powder in the pastry,  it's all about the pastry in our house, we've never seen a soggy bottom here!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Wonderwool Wales Haul

Got some great 60's barkcloth with an alpine scene, 
reminds me of our favourite place for christmas, Berchtesgaden.
Got the green leather out again.

A massive hank of pure wool for a fiver, might be another Manu, had a very traumatic felting incident with the last one and it now fits the other gal in this house.  Sock yarn from Nest.

Cumulus form Fyberspates, may well turn in to a little cardi.

Toft Alpaca socks for me.

Denim blue Drops lace from Nest again.

 My holiday Hanami was knit in Knitwitch and it's fab so got some more from them, the red one is Casmere and the plum one is BABY CAMEL and silk! 
 These would be termed as beyond lush.

Manos silk and merino, half price.

 Denim cotton to knit some dish cloths, last time I used this was for Miss Belle's bibs and they have just about had it in their retirement as dishcloths, she is eight now though.