Thursday, 15 May 2014

Happiness is...

a denim dishcloth?

Many years ago a knit my Cadet a jumper from denim yarn, I think it was called the Museum sweater from the Little Badger book - worst written pattern I have ever used - when worked out the problems it was a favourite sweater and is still in Miss Belle's wardrobe.  I had some yarn left over so made her the Blu jeans from Knitty - one of the best thing I ever made, they still fitted well even when they got to just below the knee because they were knit.  Anyway I still had some yarn left and knit her a bib from Mason Dixon Knitting, I would say that this/these are my all time best knit for a baby without a doubt.  They are soft and get softer with age, absorbent and more absorbent with age, just tie at the back so stress free and they don't show stains!

The above bib retrained as a dishcloth when she became the sophisticate that she now is - just cut off the ties - and has given excellent service for eight years but has now give up the ghost.
  Enter the young pretenders, I knit one on a car journey at the weekend and the other 
at my W.I. meeting, they are brilliant.

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