Sunday, 4 May 2014

Wonderwool Wales Haul

Got some great 60's barkcloth with an alpine scene, 
reminds me of our favourite place for christmas, Berchtesgaden.
Got the green leather out again.

A massive hank of pure wool for a fiver, might be another Manu, had a very traumatic felting incident with the last one and it now fits the other gal in this house.  Sock yarn from Nest.

Cumulus form Fyberspates, may well turn in to a little cardi.

Toft Alpaca socks for me.

Denim blue Drops lace from Nest again.

 My holiday Hanami was knit in Knitwitch and it's fab so got some more from them, the red one is Casmere and the plum one is BABY CAMEL and silk! 
 These would be termed as beyond lush.

Manos silk and merino, half price.

 Denim cotton to knit some dish cloths, last time I used this was for Miss Belle's bibs and they have just about had it in their retirement as dishcloths, she is eight now though.

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