Sunday, 29 June 2014

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Gals

Miss Belle had her Summer Showcase today,
love these shoes,

and what you can't see is the big yellow polkadot frill on the backside,
I know this is going to be her 'go to' summer outfit!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Chunky Lace Shawl

I made a couple of these on the journey down to Cornwall last summer, 
I've kept the opposite colour way and this one is over on etsy,
 heaven forbid I should find myself with nothing to do on a long journey!

Friday, 27 June 2014

New Designers

Miss Belle, Jo, Ange and I got the early train to the Big Smoke , hoofed it down to Berwick Street and spent a few pennies in the lovely Cloth House,  over to The Wolseley for brunch - plenty of Eggs Ben and Arnold Bennett, Liberty, taxi to Islington, Ray-Stitch - swoon,  New Designers with Mandy, taxi to Hakkasan, walked the Jivara Bomb off back to Euston.  Must file the itinerary for next year.

Loom bands on the train of course, I got sucked in to the Hello Kitty Sudoku.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

I am / Am I ? a Maker ?

Getting back to normal here, baking, making and drove for the first time in 5 weeks yesterday, yipee!
Sold a couple of my makes on etsy this week,  I don't think I will ever get over the thrill of people buying my stuff when they don't know me and have never handled it in real life.    I have been properly selling my wares for nearly a year now and I should really come up with a job title for myself when people ask.  I have stopped saying 'housewife' since I had a hospital appointment re. the eye and a student introduced me, "Here we have a 41 year old housewife.....", thanks very much.
  I usually say, "oh I make things", must try harder at this one.

On my epic trip to India I was surprised that none of the traders I bought from used plastic bags, they were either paper, a paper/cloth or actual proper cotton bags.  These two I guard closely and never ever lend them out for emergencies, they remind me of my trip and are really rather useful because they screw up to nothing and do the job, so I have made some to sell.

They are made from scarves vintage/thrifted and just fold up into themselves, straight forward.  I have used the whole of the scarf and tried to make the most of the rolled hems and self edges.

Gorgeous bright floral - pure silk twill, hand rolled, foreign, Hammura regd.

A Viyella fine 100% wool lace printed.

My favourite, a paisley printed luxuriant silk.

These two remind me of my various Nanas,

 St Michael, satin foulard, just makes me smile
 and a green floral print, how can you go wrong?
All up on etsy shortly.

My own super duper fine silk will be put through its paces at New Designers tomorrow, can't wait.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Not Your Average Lace Curtains

My latest solution to keeping the doors open, chickens out and cats free to do as they like!
An old sheet, plenty of hand made lace, a bit of Miss Belle's favourite summer dress
 and a spring loaded curtain pole.

The Cadet is doing well in his cookery class, last week was Shepherds Pie 
and this week a top notch Peach Flan.

Monday, 16 June 2014

What Happened Was...

About 4 weeks a go I was a busy bee getting lots of stuff made and then I had to have surgery for a Detached Retina.  I had been slowly losing peripheral vision since before Christmas,  I'd had an MRI scan and lots of tests and I eventually saw the right person.

Can you guess which eye!

I stayed in bed for a full week only going downstairs to eat,  my big assistant looked after me very well with lots of good meals and an excellent Lemon Tart.  I had a gas bubble put in to my eye which was like looking through a Gold Fish Bowl full of swishing water, and this gradually diminishes, I may well develop a cataract but that's small fry compared to what I had done and not going blind.

I can see but it's still a bit blurry/surreal, I have tried a bit of knitting with my WonderWool stash, but I have to take off my specs which is wierd.  Thanks to my respite carer who took me out on an excellent charity shopping trip, the shopping trolley loaner and all of my knit buddies for the treats.

I have been venturing out - can't drive yet - and we had an expedition to the army surplus shop for some kit for my little Cadet.  I managed to get myself an ex-Swiss Army water bottle..

with it's very own green wool jacket.

Louis was off at Weston Park for the weekend, I think he looks quite menacing in his greens.

Today I am back to the sewing with a bit of a yellow seventies thing going on.
I'm safe on the sewing machine and overlocker as long as I keep my right eye closed.