Wednesday, 25 June 2014

I am / Am I ? a Maker ?

Getting back to normal here, baking, making and drove for the first time in 5 weeks yesterday, yipee!
Sold a couple of my makes on etsy this week,  I don't think I will ever get over the thrill of people buying my stuff when they don't know me and have never handled it in real life.    I have been properly selling my wares for nearly a year now and I should really come up with a job title for myself when people ask.  I have stopped saying 'housewife' since I had a hospital appointment re. the eye and a student introduced me, "Here we have a 41 year old housewife.....", thanks very much.
  I usually say, "oh I make things", must try harder at this one.

On my epic trip to India I was surprised that none of the traders I bought from used plastic bags, they were either paper, a paper/cloth or actual proper cotton bags.  These two I guard closely and never ever lend them out for emergencies, they remind me of my trip and are really rather useful because they screw up to nothing and do the job, so I have made some to sell.

They are made from scarves vintage/thrifted and just fold up into themselves, straight forward.  I have used the whole of the scarf and tried to make the most of the rolled hems and self edges.

Gorgeous bright floral - pure silk twill, hand rolled, foreign, Hammura regd.

A Viyella fine 100% wool lace printed.

My favourite, a paisley printed luxuriant silk.

These two remind me of my various Nanas,

 St Michael, satin foulard, just makes me smile
 and a green floral print, how can you go wrong?
All up on etsy shortly.

My own super duper fine silk will be put through its paces at New Designers tomorrow, can't wait.

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