Monday, 16 June 2014

What Happened Was...

About 4 weeks a go I was a busy bee getting lots of stuff made and then I had to have surgery for a Detached Retina.  I had been slowly losing peripheral vision since before Christmas,  I'd had an MRI scan and lots of tests and I eventually saw the right person.

Can you guess which eye!

I stayed in bed for a full week only going downstairs to eat,  my big assistant looked after me very well with lots of good meals and an excellent Lemon Tart.  I had a gas bubble put in to my eye which was like looking through a Gold Fish Bowl full of swishing water, and this gradually diminishes, I may well develop a cataract but that's small fry compared to what I had done and not going blind.

I can see but it's still a bit blurry/surreal, I have tried a bit of knitting with my WonderWool stash, but I have to take off my specs which is wierd.  Thanks to my respite carer who took me out on an excellent charity shopping trip, the shopping trolley loaner and all of my knit buddies for the treats.

I have been venturing out - can't drive yet - and we had an expedition to the army surplus shop for some kit for my little Cadet.  I managed to get myself an ex-Swiss Army water bottle..

with it's very own green wool jacket.

Louis was off at Weston Park for the weekend, I think he looks quite menacing in his greens.

Today I am back to the sewing with a bit of a yellow seventies thing going on.
I'm safe on the sewing machine and overlocker as long as I keep my right eye closed.

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