Monday, 29 September 2014

1920's Paisley Shawl

I picked up this little beauty at a textile fair yesterday, I would call it a Paisley Wool shawl, although there is no 'paisley' - as we think of to today, teardrop shape in it.  I think Paisley refers to the place in Scotland where textiles were woven. 

I had been after one like this for a while, I got one in Jaipur that cost an arm and a leg that was an intricately woven pashmina - real pashmina fibre from the belly of a goat and not just a term that is used for any old wrap - and I wear it constantly in the winter, although I will need to live to be 100 to get my moneys worth!

This one is 1920's and wool, exactly the type that I had in my head when I was climbing through crumbling days of the Raj palaces in Rajasthan.

It has a few signs of wear, but because it's made of proper wool it still does it's job and looks gorgeous even after about ninety years of service.  
Wool is amazing! 

I'm really not in to fringing on garments and it was looking a bit tired so I gave it a trim.

It's now having a good soak in a bucket of tepid soapy water,
ready for it's next adventure.

I may have to give it/her a name, I love it so much and I know we will be great friends, 
definitely another 90 years left in this one.


  1. Well spotted Sarah - it's (she's?) gorgeous x Jane

  2. She definitely is Jane, are you in the boozer this week, haven't seen you for a while, are you in the bath?