Monday, 15 September 2014

Angelina's Wedding Dress

Miss Belle has a gorgeous - really really -  the most beautiful tweed coat ever.  
It is mostly green but with flecks of every colour you choose to look for and goes with absolutely everything.   This photo is from 2010 and she was reading her ninety year old copy of Hans Anderson - not called Hans Christian Anderson at the time of publication - in front of the Hans Anderson statue in Copenhagen.  Unfortunately I kept feeding her and she kept eating!

I couldn't be parted with it, it's such a fabulous piece of work, so I included it in my MA show,
 with a few additions.

When I got it there was a hole in the pocket and in the lining I found a brown crayon and
 a Noah's Ark stamp which I included.

Betsy drew all girls like this at the time, hand bag and flowers.

This is an earlier Betsy.

Here is Louis' signature style at the time,  a T.V. Head.

Another Betsy.

 I did this of Louis when he was about two, it's on the inside of the coat with a load of other stuff and the words...
"One more step along the world I go."

A Louis car and very early Betsy people.
All done in Shetland wool on a wool coat so it could be around considerably longer than any of us.

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