Friday, 14 November 2014

Alpaca Socks

I am much better at knitting than sewing and I don't seem to get much time for it lately, just waiting for the dark winter nights to kick in.  I have had a couple of train journeys lately though and managed to complete a couple of already started socks.  These are alpaca - with the mandatory 20% something stronger - with a mock cable, toe up, short row.  You just cannot beat a pair of bespoke hand knit socks.  The yarn is Toft Alpaca which I wouldn't recommend, it's an absolute pig to knit with as it keeps splitting which definitely shouldn't happen for that price.

On the knitting front I have pre-ordered Kate Davies' 'Yokes' book which should be out next week, 
I think I may find a Christmas project in there?  She is a very talented and inspirational lady, I love to read her blog and have knit many of her very good and extremely well knit patterns.  

Last Saturday I went down to London to meet up with a friend I first met in Shetland at In The Loop 2, we also went to In The Loop 3 in 2013 and hope to be going to In The Loop 4 in Glasgow 2015 - highly recommended.  I visited the London Guild Of Spinners Weavers and Dyers - her guild - and met loads of very friendly creatives.  We then went on to the London School of Fashion for the Conference and AGM of The Knitting History Forum a super way to spend an afternoon if you are a knitter.

At the moment my UFO's are - 
1. A secret christmas knit.
2. Fishermans Gansey for my mister, one sleeve to do, the navy is killing me.
3. Modular shetland scarf with yarn I dyed, gets a bit boring, it might be a bag!
4. Cumulus sweater, baby alpaca and silk, started before eye surgery, just need to get back into it.
5. Heartfelt shawl, 4 ply cashmere, an easy but monotonous knit.
A not even started yet but will be casting on for another pair of socks for tomorrows day out at Wonderful Wool Day catching up with another old friend and cake.

What can I say, knitting makes me very happy!

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