Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Harris Tweed

I have been busy squirrelling away Harris Tweed jackets for my next project.
  I always go for the ones that need a bit of TLC.  
I got this one last week and took a punt because it had paint on the front and cuffs.

A fabulous green, orange and brown weave.

What a treat to find a little bit of fixing had gone on...

and under the repair someone had really put some effort in.

Found a comb tooth in the pocket lining, every gentleman used to have a comb in his pocket.

Even the pocket had been repaired a couple of times.

The back pleat lining also had some attention from
 someone who must have cared about this little jacket very much.

Now it's my turn to have a go at reviving it to it's former glory, in four hours it's been through a few soapy/dirty water changes and I'm going to let it luxuriate in the bubbles for a bit longer!

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