Wednesday, 10 December 2014

1940's Barkcloth

1940's Barkcloth - I was recently asked by an unbeliever at a show, "how is it here?"
The answer to that is it's really good stuff,  it was taken care of,  less or no chemicals,  top notch fabric weave and it was probably part of something - a curtain - that has survived unscathed in some areas.  I wonder how much fabric produced in the 2010's will be around in 2080?

I always have a bit of a debate with myself as to which side of a piece of barkcloth to use, the print is on both sides and originally it would have had a right and a wrong side but with a lifetime of use the underside may well be brighter than the 'best' side.   All of the original barkcloth that I have come across is vat dyed which means the colour stays true as opposed to pigment dyed which just sits on top and isn't as durable.   I would always go for the faded side but I know that a lot of people would go for the brighter side and the pouches below show the difference.  The left is the front of the fabric, the right is the the underside.

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