Friday, 23 January 2015

Needlepoint Treasures

This is a fabulous piece of work and unusually it is labelled, well done Diane, 
all makers should do this but very rarely bother.
 It was stitched from 1965-7 and framed in 1971, older than me!

Another massive piece, no label this time.
They will be back for a new life after a good soak and a stretch.


  1. I have a tapestry that I bought to do "something" with, it is backed onto chipboard at the moment - how do you wash and stretch them?

    1. Hi Tammy,
      Give it a good soak in something warm, mild and soapy followed by plenty of rinsing. Roll it up in a towel and give it a good squeeze then whilst still damp pull it into shape and staple or nail on to a board/hidden side of a door! When it's dry - couple of days is good - remove staples and it's ready to use.