Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Women At Work and Scientific Seamstress

It's been a very dull and dusty week, on Friday I had some super dooper new lights in my studio, which meant that I had to spruce it up a bit - it is the only room in the house I have never decorated. 
 I now realise that this was because there was just so much STUFF in it, I'm still not straight.

I've re-jigged my notice boards which I am absolutely loving, I made the originals just before Louis was born so that's about 15 years ago.  I must have been out of my mind to cut this blanket up for padding, the funny thing is I don't remember the blanket at all, 
it must have been pregnancy hormones!

Miss Belle did the 6 hour danceathon on Sunday,
she did surprisingly well for a nine year old 
and she has  raised £95 so far.

She was rewarded with my latest make, a Bunny and Toadstool dress for Easter.
  I got the pattern from the Scientific Seamstress on Etsy, downloading sewing patterns is a revelation.

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