Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Jan's Back!

Jan had to go in for a service and I had to call in the reserves - Bernina,
 she was alright but I was glad to have Jan back and zipping through a load of up-cycled sofa leather. Leather is very easy to work with you just need a leather needle and a long stitch,  
like felt it's easy to cut and no fraying.

This batch has already gone out to a little place I sell through.

I also had some brown sofa leather that made great zipped pouches.
  They used to be couch potatoes but they've changed!

Up-cycled suede from skirts so very soft and supple with three tone zips.

One of my greatest achievements in life is mastering zips - really - I like to play around with mixing up the colours, because I can, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!

Up-cyled tweed jackets, sofas, handbags and skirts.

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